My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

A Perfect Start

After more then ten hours of flights yesterday, I arrived safe and sane on campus at around 7pm. My whole journey started at the Dresden airport, one day earlier. My luggage was weighing exactly 22,9 kg and even though my hand luggage was far overweight, luckily nobody checked! The first flight to Munich was only for one hour, but still felt much longer than normal. A tiny plane was waiting for us, with room for about 30 or 40 people, and in comparison with the A380, with which I traveled on my very first flight last year, this rather looked like a private machine, just for me. Indeed, the rest of the plane was filled with business men and women in suits or high heels, holding black suitcases at their side and checking their cell phones as soon as we had left the plane. The man next to me in the plane looked straight forward the whole time and did not say a word. I’m used to conversation on my short flights, as you can meet the most interesting people in planes and time flies much faster when talking – but this time seemed to be different. No problem: After we had arrived at a height over the clouds and cities and cars on the autoroutes were no longer to be seen, I opened my laptop and re-read and corrected different Essays I had written during the summer holidays. You got to use your time, when you still have it! We arrived in Munich a little early. The sunset was in plain action when we landed, and the plane propellers, next to which I sat, were flooded by orange-golden light.

I still had about two hours left till my next plane would lift of, yet I ran to my next Gate. That had a very good reason: my best friend from the Netherlands and my co-year from the Ukraine already waited there! They very much lived on the airport since eight hours and were as happy as me to see some more LPC-students. We passed a great time on the airport, laughing and talking about our summer holidays. We had all done summer jobs or traveled a little, so there was much to explain and to chat about. We also told each other about the concerns and hopes for the next year: university applications, the arrival of the firstyears, the typhoon, … We even got to talk for one additional hour, as our flight was delayed. Apparently, Chinese authorities had blocked the airway over the Himalaya for 90 minutes that day and we were not able to pass it on time; so we had to wait till China opened the air corridor again.

The flight of ten hours straight was not very exhausting – but boring! As most of my readers might know, I normally fly over Dubai with my German co-year, so that we have a six- and a seven-hour-flight, and a stop in Dubai. We also always sit together and have a great time! But on this flight, I sat on my own between a bunch of tourists who did not speak or understand a word of English. So no conversational partner again. I focused on the view outside of the window and slept a little. The last hours I just spent watching one movie after the other on the LufthansaTV, and checking the watch every other minute. Time did not seem to pass, but finally, at some point of my trip, we suddenly broke through the white cloud masses and the pilot announced that on the left you could see Macao and far at the horizon you could catch a glimpse of Hong Kong. Half an hour of flight was left, but now we flew over the sea and over beautiful small islands, so that finally time flew by as well. 

Hong Kong is amazing from above. There were only few clouds and the city, its harbor, its many islands and skyscrapers with pools on the roof were gleaming in the sunlight, perfectly visible through the little smog there was (see picture above!). I have never seen Hong Kong like this before, and it was beautiful! We flew over Central, over a massive green area and finally over Lantau Island, and landed in a panorama of mountains and lakes. Even though the flight might have been everything else than great, the landing was simply brilliant! It presented Hong Kong in all its beauty – and it didn’t leave any room for a tear about leaving home. It rather brought a huge smile to my lips, and I was glad that the journey was at an end. When the wheels of the plane touched the ground carefully and the first airport employees ran up to the plane, it was simply perfect.


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