My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The Chosen One

I just spent a fabulous last day in Dresden: I met Abraham, my first year, as planned, and we had so much fun! I went to pick him up at the main station at around 11am, and we walked through the center of my city, chatting and laughing. Abraham has met most of his German co-years this summer already, as he traveled all around Germany to meet friends and family. When we was still in the US during his year abroad, he even came across some other LPC-lers! In two weeks he will be ready to come to Hong Kong – and oh dear, he is so excited! We talked a lot about roomies, relationships, the different classes and a lot more. I had brought my yearbook, so we took a look at all the pictures from Quan Cais, project weeks and teachers, and I told him about my Secondyears: “She was such a sports freak, you should have seen her running!” and “He was my buddy! Oh, he was the best buddy you could wish for…” or ” … and that’s Michi’s girlfriend. Beautiful, isn’t she?” The day was filled with stories, stories and more stories.

I was very interested in Abraham’s expectations of LPC and his summer experience. At the graduation ceremony for all German graduates of this year, he held a speech. He had the notes with him, and I really enjoyed to read it. Apparently, his biggest fear is to do the laundry on his own – but I already promised, that I’d help him out wherever I could. As Abraham had visited Dresden last year, there wasn’t much left to show him and we simply walked from one café to the next and kept on talking and talking. It was very pleasant, and I think, we fit well together as Secondyear and Firstyear. Michael and Abraham haven’t met each other yet, but I think, we will work out perfectly as the new German community of LPC. And of course Michael and me will pick our ‘UWC Baby’, as Abraham was called by the members of an UWC Alumni organization back in Washington DC, at the airport in early September. When I brought Abraham back to his train at 3pm, I think we were both very relieved – him because he finally met his German Secondyear in real life and me because I finally have the proof, that my Firstyear is obviously the best I could have asked for.


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