My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Into The Wild 2.0

Nearly three months of summer holidays are over – unbelievable, how time flies! After a slow start, the days simply raced by. During the holidays I traveled from Regensburg to the North Sea Island Spiekeroog in Germany. After a week in Amsterdam and a summer job with mentally handicapped children in Dresden, the adventure of UWC starts once again in only a few days. My luggage is perfectly packed already and emails from teachers, tutors and co-years flood my mailbox every day. Some of my German co-years, who study at the other United World Colleges, have already left Germany. I will be off again on friday; this time I will fly directly from Munich to Hongkong. Today, one of my co-years from Hongkong warned us on Facebook: A typhoon T10 will probably pass by Hongkong in the next days, and we should watch out for flight changes. Sounds great, doesn’t it! We’ll see how that works out.

This time I will stay in Hongkong for four months; it’s the start of the Grande Finale. University applications will be written, the celebrations for UWC’s 50th anniversary and LPC’s 20th birthday are already planned and organized. At LPC we will even have an anniversary ball – maybe Michael and I should offer crash courses in Waltz…? In the first week, the Secondyears and teachers will be alone on campus. We will regularly go to class and plan the welcoming of the Firstyears, who will arrive one week later. Then, we will meet them at the airport, introduce them to life at LPC and lead them through the orientation week. As part of the program we will offer trips to the centre of Hongkong, the Camp on a lonely island of Hongkong and of course the International Cultural Evening, in which all regions and cultures of LPC will present themselves.

Till friday I only have few things left to do. An appointment with my hairdresser is one of the top priorities; my peers at LPC told me that hairdressers in Hongkong are not used to thick, curly hair and quickly make a wrong cut. I definitely don’t need that! On thursday I will receive a visit: Abraham, my future German Firstyear in Hongkong will drop by in Dresden…

Everything else remains to be seen. But it will definitely stay exciting!


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