My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Ladies and Gentlemen…!

May I present: next year’s German UWC generation! – Unfortunately with a few First- and one Zeroyear missing. I can assure you that each single one of them is absolutely excited for their first or second year in a United World College. The German UWC Organization has assembled once again a wonderful and cooperative generation of UWC-students – may the new ones continue our traditions. We Firstyears have only one more year to go: final IB exams, the last project weeks and university applications are waiting for us. And then we will spread all over the world. To stay in contact after our time in UWC, our Firstyear-Generation has already organized the so called “generation representatives”: four of my Co-Years and I will stay in close contact with the UWC organization, keep on updating our Co-Years on everything that happens all around UWC, and plan events, meeting and actions. Till we have to fulfill these tasks though, we can still enjoy this one more and last year of UWC – may it be a great one! 


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