My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

WANTED: Your Support!

The last group work that we Firstyears did together was called “students recruit students”. For nearly two hours we discussed possibilities to better advertise for UWC and to win more applicants. Especially when the UWC in Freiburg/Germany opens, twice as much Germans will be able to visit a UWC – therefore, we need more applicants and more sponsors, too. Already when I talked to individual of the new German Zeroyears I was surprised that only few  of them had heard of UWC through internet, presentations, flyers etc. Most of them have a friend or family members who went to a UWC. This shows, that the knowledge about UWC unfortunately stays in an only small circle of people and doesn’t reach enough people. I personally think, that this is very sad, as this is such an outstanding concept, which really reaches out into the future and tries to change the world. UWC gives wonderful opportunities – but what are they worth, if nobody knows about it? This was the center of all our discussions.

Many of us are quite active regarding advertisement: I myself have hung up posters, distributed flyers, wrote to newspapers and mainly I am writing this blog, of course. So far, over 28’000 people from over 70 countries have read my blog, which makes me very proud – but we need to increase the awareness even more! We Firstyears put together a list on which we assembled all the possible advice we could give regarding the advertisement of UWC and “recruitment” of new applicants. We gave this list to the Zeroyears later. Main points were the motivation of teachers to inform their students about UWC, the necessity of having time yourself (e.g. to hold a presentation etc.) and the necessity to use the press and media as main way to advertise UWC. Each one of us made a To-Do-List with school and newspaper names, which we hope to be able to contact.

But this is not enough. Not only we students but everybody who just even knows about the United World Colleges and the UWC movement should pass on all the knowledge he has. Yes, dear readers, this includes you! Tell students about UWC, tell your friends and your own children about it and spread the message of UWC’s mission. We students simply want to change the world – there is no shorter version for our values, actions and dreams –  but we need support for that: we need people who value our actions, people who want to join us and people who give sponsorships to UWC students, so that they can fulfill their dream of a perfect school and changing the world. We have experienced that it is possible to unite the whole world, despite all differences in culture and religion. Now we want to fight for worldwide unity, tolerance, sustainability, equality and peace. We just need a little help.

Support the UWC movement – sponsorships are the essence of all we are able to do and only a little can contribute to not only changing somebody’s life but the next generation as a whole!

Apply for the next UWC Generation: In Germany, the application documents for UWC 2013-15 are already online!


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