My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

On a big wallboard in the house where we had the meeting, many people had already scribbled down their names, written poems, funny and dirty short messages or drawn faces and hearts. The board is so full, that it is hard to find a free spot to write something new onto it – still, most of us First- and Zeroyears scratched their names into the board or used markers and Eddings to immortalize themselves on the panel. Michi and me wrote LPCUWC Pride in big red letters – and now we can proudly announce that this is the slogan that strikes your eye immediately when you look at the board. We also left short greetings to our LPC-Zeroyear so that he can read them next year and signed with our names next to it. Abraham, our Firstyear, will have write down his name next year, too, and continue the brand-new tradition :) It will be interesting to see the board in a few years …


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