My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The 0-1st-Year-Meeting ended sunday morning. Many took the train at 11am, and in the hours before we were busy with packing, cleaning and saying good-bye. On the saturday evening we had a last gathering where we thanked our organizers and gave feedback on the meeting. We Firstyears all agreed that it had been very interesting to meet the Zeroyears and that we remembered, how we had been one year ago. We remembered our goals, dreams and ideas and also realized, which of these hadn’t been fulfilled yet. The Zeroyears were all struck by impressions and readier than ever before to finally start their UWC time.

I thought the weekend was really awesome and inspiring. You are all great people and it is sad that I will maybe not see some of you ever again … but then I hope that I will meet all the others some time!” Indien ’14

“Thank-you so much to the UWC organization. It was really great, especially the individual talks in which we could chat and discuss so well. I realized that we all have the same worries and similar problems and it was very important for me to hear that.” Swaziland ’14

“When I came here, I first thought that I landed in some nuthouse, with all these icebreakers … but then it was really fantastic and I learned so much. I heard amazing stories, it was really cool.” Wales ’14

“Before I came, I was very worried – that has now changed and I look forward to the time at my UWC.” Maastricht ’14

“I couldn’t realize UWC before I came to this meeting and I was not sure what to expect of UWC. Now this is all much closer and I can imagine my future much better.” Mostar ’14

The weekend was indeed a blast and I liked it a lot. I met new people, not only from Germany, worked on my TOK presentation together with Michi (hehe, IB is never too far ;) and set myself new goals for next year. I once again realized how little time there is left for me in LPC and I look forward to that one last year. I am sure it will be just as epic as my first one!


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