My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Tomorrow, the German UWC 0-1st-Year-Meeting starts in a small town near Frankfurt, and I am really excited already! From Thursday to Sunday we will have time to get to know our Firstyears, discuss important issues about life in a UWC and in boarding schools in general and do lots of fun and creative stuff. Many of us Secondyears will not come; from Wales there will only be one of our Secondyears. Michi and me are a bit unlucky, as our Firstyear from Li Po Chun United World College won’t be there at all – he is still on an exchange program in the US. Thus, we will have a lot of time to talk about our first year in LPC, prepare our TOK presentation on German culture and history, which is due at the end of August, and support all the other Firstyears who will go to the other UWCs.

I also look forward to meet my Coyears again and to exchange stories about our different college lives. From last year, I especially have the “College Situations – What to do” Sketches in my mind when I think about my first 0-1st-Year-Meeting. Also the Get-to-know-eachother-Games, the barbecue and the hike around the area were really interesting and lots of fun! Our Secondyears imitated different scenes for us, that are very typical if you share a room with other people – and it becomes even more difficult, if everybody comes from a different culture, country or even continent and religion! They presented different conflicts: if somebody needs some silence, or parties all the time; or if the roommate is occupied with their boy- or girlfriend when we actually want to study; if we want to open the window but the other person in the room prefers the air conditioner … what are we supposed to do? Even our Secondyears couldn’t answer all of these questions and said, that in the end, it is up to us and the individual situation. But still, of course they generally helped us a lot with our worries and questions and I look forward to give the same support and advice to my Firstyears these days!

(All photos are by my Secondyear Felix and from last year’s meeting.)


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