My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Excited Zeroyears

One year ago, that was me: this horribly excited zero-year, spending my time on Facebook in the group “LPCUWC Class of 2012”, checking on all updates from my Secondyears, asking questions about flights, visas, subject choices etc. Now, it is my turn, together with all my Coyears, to give answers to such questions.

I already look forward the German Zero-First-Year-Meeting this year. From the 14th to 18th June we will meet near Frankfurt, where the German UWC-headquarter is located, and discuss about our experiences and expectations of UWC. Last year, we had a lot of fun activities to get involved in: barbecue, a night hike, discussion sessions about how to deal with people from all over the world, sketches about life in a boarding school and presentations on the individual United World Colleges. I remember how I sat in front of Felix and Felicia that weekend, sucking up every single word they said and every piece of information about LPC, that could be useful for me later. I know that I asked about the washing machines, cooking equipment, bed sheets, internet regulations and the nurse – at some point I just felt super prepared, and still I knew nothing about what to pack and what not. I thought I would know, what LPC would be like: Youtube, Facebook and the WWW – with more than 100’000 results for “Li Po Chun United World College” alone and more than 1’000’000’000 for “United World College” – had prepared me in terms of climate, vaccination requirements, available subjects, cultural evenings and more. And still, in the end, it was all completely different. There is no such thing as “good preparation” for the best two years of your life – that’s what I know now, and therefore it is especially amusing and – admittedly – exciting, to see my Zeroyears preparing so enthusiastically already. We support them in any possible way, but still: “stay calm”, we tell them, “you still have time”. LPC is something you cannot prepare for – but that is something, you can only learn, when you’re already here. For the moment, we can just be sure, that next year will be amazing again, because we will make it as awesome as possible :)


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