My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Yes, I have to read all of them for my Internal Assessment in History. If possible, in the next two weeks, so that I can then start my Extended Essay on an again different topic. With the International Baccalaureate, work is never too far off. With spending my afternoon yesterday in the library I started working on my history essay this morning. That means: reading, reading, reading. And taking notes, of course. 2000 words doesn’t seem to be too much, but if you start trying to fit all your information into this word limit, it becomes difficult. My topic is the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 and I want to evaluate, if it can be justified in terms of military necessity.

The center Dresden was fully destroyed by two anglo-american bomber attacks. More than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices had been dropped on the Baroque city that night, the final firestorm destroyed 15 squarekilometers of the city. Estimated 25.000 people died and the famous Frauenkirche of Dresden (“Church of our lady”) wasn’t rebuilt till 2005.  Till today, there are annual commemoration ceremonies, which are however regularly disturbed by Neonazi marches, who abuse the memorial for their purpose. Dresden shows clear signs against Neonazism every year again: 2012 not only less Neonazis came to support the demonstration – the march itself had to be aborted after 1,5 kilometers due to the high civil resistance. Dresden and the organization “Dresden nazifrei”, which means as much as “Dresden – free of Nazis”, can be proud of such a success and will surely not end their resistance in the following years.


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