My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Hey! Ciao! Ahoj! Salut! ¡Hola! привет! A big HELLO to all my readers out there! Yes, this is indeed my first article written in English – and hopefully it will not stay my last one ;) I recently discovered a map on, which shows me, where all my readers come from, so I decided to send out some greetings to you! collected the data since February 2012, and I am really surprised: obviously I have loyal readers all over the world! 

Of course Germans are in the first place; they are followed by Hong Kong (hello to all my coyears and secondyears), and Austrians and Americans seem to really like my blog, too (hello, hello!) – after those I randomly have readers from everywhere! There is Switzerland, Hungary, the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Iceland, Canada and France, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Australia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Ireland, Mexico, Swaziland, Singapore, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Mongolia, Serbia and Greece! To look at this map makes me really happy and I want to thank all of you for reading my blog! I still remember the UWC selection weekend last year, when I told the jury that I would definitely write a blog about my LPC experience, as I think it is important to share such with the rest of the world – and obviously, it is important and appreciated indeed!

I want to encourage all of you to not only read and translate what I write, but also to comment on my articles in any(!) language you want to, or just to tell me, where you are from and how you discovered my blog. That really interests me, and I hope you all enjoy reading about the life and the learning process at the Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong. For now I can only send you my best wishes, and hopefully I will here from some of you soon! :)


Comments on: "Best Wishes from Hong Kong!" (5)

  1. Linda Webb said:

    Hi Lara! I have enjoyed your dancing videos! You clearly had such a lot of fun! There must be a choreographer who knows something about Latin dances, and for all those kids to learn the steps when they perhaps are not really dancers….. that is really something great. Dancing is such a joyful thing! Now, what I did wonder is with all that work and rehearsals and costume sewing, how did you have time for any schoolwork???

    Fond greetings from Canada,
    Ms. Webb

    • hongkongcitygirl said:

      Ms Webb! Awesome to hear from you!
      The dancing was indeed very fun – luckily, all those latinos seem to be born to dance, so they made up all the dances and taught them to us. Also, everybody here is so motivated to learn more, and to reach beyond their capacities, that teaching something new to UWC students seems to never really be a problem!
      In LPC I found a relation between intense leisure time and hard work for school, which I had never experienced in a similar way. Both are incredibly connected and you cannot choose one without the other any more! However, due to this wonderful environment in which I live and learn, I would not even want to miss either one them.
      Of course, I want to achieve my very best in the IB, especially as I am not too sure yet, what I want to study after my two years of UWC experience, but I also use every possibility to extend my horizon and to learn something new. Additionally I must say: who is physically fit and healthy, doesn’t lack sleep and workout, performs even better in both school and leisure activities – and eventually you can even revise during sewing or working-out! :)
      The very best wishes to Canada from HK – Lara

  2. Staci Bilko said:

    I love your blog! I am the mom of James from the US so I ready it every day to find out what interesting things are going on at LPC. You write very well and I am sure you can have a career as a journalist if you want it. I also appreciate all of the photos you include. They help me feel as if I am there participating and “seeing” the wonderful shows and activities. Thanks, Lara!

    • hongkongcitygirl said:

      Dear Mrs Bilko! How wonderful to hear from you! James already told me that you regularly read my blog – thank-you very much :) I am indeed interested in an career as journalist – it is surely a good job to connect with other people and cultures! However, in the moment I just want to spread the UWC mission and make it more famous ;) There are not many schools, where learning is this fun! I think, there should be many more schools like LPC, with awesome teachers and students and where life never gets boring. I am happily an embassador for this idea and the UWC mission and very glad to be able to reach out to so many people! Best greetings to the US, Lara

  3. Hey Lara,
    mal ein Kommentar in der Muttersprache! :)
    Ich liebe es deinen Blog zu lesen und so viel wie möglich über UWC zu erfahren.
    Ich habe ihn erst relativ spät gefunden und mehrer Nächte mit dem lesen der alten Artikel verbracht, weil ich einfach nicht aufhören konnte. Ich finde die Idee von UWC unglaublich faszinierend und werde vielleicht versuchen, selbst ein Mitglied zu werden.
    Gefunden habe ich dich glaube über die uwc-Hompage, aber so genau weiß ich das nicht mehr. (:
    Ich wünsche dir noch viel Spaß!
    Grüße aus Sachsen (Freiberg) Annelies

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